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Sometimes school uniform is said to be compulsory as it learns people discipline. Still, I do not share this point of view. In my opinion, school form limits pupils' freedom. From time to time I, personally, feel myself uncomfortable because of it. I can also say that such uniform makes teenagers doubt in themselves for they are so young and want to be bright and attractive, but school form, as a rule, doesn't allow this. How one wears is his individuality, and it's odd if he generally wears strict uniform. I believe that it's not a right way arisen by the pressure of social surroundings.
And in the end I wanna add that my hopes are that school form should be taken away. Yet, it's only what I think.


Nowadays there many kinds of school uniform. But in most school the uniform in the opinion of pupils is boring. Pupils don't like that uniform. They want to wear cool and modern clothers.

In some schools this "boring" cloth is compulsory. It's always consist of a shirt, trousers and shoes. But it's not alike. Some pupils were blue or pink T-shirts instead of traditional white blouses. Not many teachers like this. 

Now pupils have their own style of uniform. They wear steep jeans, t-shirts with names of the soccer commands, short jackets and cool boots. They like that!

And I think, that we can wear what we want, and no teacher can't forbid it for us!

ну...думаю такой текстик подойдет;-)

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