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Если у кого то есть сочинение про хобби,на англ.языке. напишите пожалуйста! Буду очень благодарен! Заранее спасибо..


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Different people like doing different things because their tastes differ. So people have different hobbies. “A hobby” is something that people usually do to get pleasure or to relax and to spend free time. Very often a hobby helps people to choose their future occupation. A person is lucky, I guess, if he or she can find a job similar to his or her hobby and get money for this. As for me, I have got a hobby too. I personally go in for sports. It is a very important part of my life. I like playing volleyball and going to the gym. I do my morning exercises. Why do I like doing sports? Because I think that a man should be well-built and strong. When I have got some free time I also like listening to music. I like different music from classics to rock. I read a lot.


Также можно поменять, например, волейбол на своё вид спорта. Или насчёт музыки.



Hobby is something we like to do best of all. I think that everybody has his own hobby. Hobbies are very different.

Every member in my family has a hobby.

My mother likes reading. She spends her free time reading. She can do it in any place in our flat: in the sitting-room, in the kitchen and even in the bathroom! I've never seen her without a book.

My father is fond of football. When he was younger he played football very well, but now he watches it only when he goes to the stadium with his friends or sitting infront of the TV set.

My hobby is playing the guitar. I began to play it when I was only 8 years old. I had a good teacher. And now I think I can play the guitar well.

I want to add that hobby helped me to find a lot of friends!

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