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Напишите не большое сочинение на тему (Трудно ли быть подростком)


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     The age from twelve till eighteen years old is the most sensitive and receptive one for teenagers. It is the age when they begin asserting themselves, when the process of the personality formation is starting. Obtained in this period important qualities of temper and self-appraisal will influence on their future life, so that teenagers are needed in mutual understanding and supporting on the part of their close people especially parents. But unfortunately teenagers’ ones do not always perceive their hobbies, fascinations and so begin to dictate own rules and try to change their children.

     There is such a category of parents who practically deprive their ones of freedom and private life. They always phone them, control their actions and meddle in personal affairs. More than parents always want to know who their children make friends with and so on. Of course, tolerate such a parents’ behavior is very difficult and even maybe impossible.

     But there is another side of medal. Firstly, when you are given to yourself - it is very bad too because you can do unpredictable things and affairs which will lead to nothing good. And secondly, children who are looked after not enough can feel unhappy and lonely. In result such children will trust their ones too much because they have received that love and care less than should.

     In conclusion I want to say than parents have to be taught to entrust their children, this will lead to good and strong relationships between them.

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