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TV is an important part of the modern world: each of us spends on this at least one hour of our day. But how it influences on the people?
From the one side, some channels like Nathional Geographic or Discovery can contribute to learning and development of the human. But statistics shows, that only a few children watch these programms, preferring it to the seeing of cartoons and entertainments. They waste on them hours and hours, lying on their beds without any motions. It may be lead to deterioration of vision and many other troubles with the health in the future.
Survey of british scientists suggest, that the teenagers who watched series on TV have had much more friends than their contemporaries who didn't do it. Watching for the heroes, they are purchasing some social skills, which will help them in very different situations of the life.
So, TV has good and bad qualities: "too much water drowned the miller", as the saying is.

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