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помогите составить диалог про путешествия,где один спрашивает другого как он провел отпуск,а второй рассказывает где он был и как



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- Hi, Lilly! Much water has flown under the bridge since we met last! How are you?

- Hi, Dan! I'm fine, thanks!

- Lilly, you look great! You are as brown as a berry! Where have you been?

- Oh, last month I travelled a lot. Three weeks ago I was in Spain and after that I visited Egypt.

- With whom did you traveled?

- I traveled with my Mum and Dad.

- The weather was fine, wasn't it?

- Yes, it was sunny and warm, sometimes even hot. And there were no rain at all.

- How did you spent your time there?

- Almost all time we spent on the beach, we swam in the sea, took a tan. In the evenings we went to the restraunt and cafes.

- Did you like in Egypt?

- Oh, yes. Egypt is very beautiful and its history is amazing. We visited the Pharaonic monuments or the Pyramids. They attract a lot of people, as you know.

- It' my dream to visit Egypt.

- Don't feel bad! I hope that you dream comes true. Would you like to come to me? I've got a lot of pictures of Egypt. I'll show them to you.

- Yes, with great pleasure!

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