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составьте диалог по данной проблеме. Помогите пожалуйста!!)Готова дать больше баллов, если вы решитесь взяться за работу)))

нужно составить

диалог в виде интервью. У владельца спрашивают, как он собирается бороться с проблемой, владелец отвечает и т.п.

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Goldcorp is a company that mines gold in Canada. The company owns the Red Lake mine, which is not productive.

In 50 years of production, only 3 million ounces have been extracted and the quality of this gold is low grade. The mine's costs are high and the company is losing money fast. Rob McEwen, the CEO, believes there is more gold on the site. Other mines in the area have produced high quality gold: one mine has produced more than 10 million ounces. Perhaps this source of gold also runs into the Red Lake site. If the company could make a new discovery, all their problems would be solved! But exploration is slow. The small team of geologists workin the problem has a lot of work to do to analyse all the data, and the lies at more than1,000 metresbelow the ground, so testing is expensive. What could the company do?


Ответы и объяснения


- What  type of activity at your company?

- Our company mines gold, in Canada


-As I know, you have some problems... Isn't it?

-Yes, you are right unfortunately


- But why the company has such problems?

- Because quality of gold is low grade. The mine's costs are high and my company is losing money.


- What wouid you do to save business?

- I believe thaton the site there is more gold.If we'll  make a new discovery, all problems would be solved! But exploration is slow. So i want to to invite new researchers and to organize work in a different way-more responsibly and productively.


- Is it really, what do you think?

- I sure that there are chances. The whole matter is in money. But I think that the credit will help our company in this caseю


- Well, I hope that everything цшдд be OK. Good luck to you!

- Thank you!

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