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Сочинение по английскому,200 слов,тема-"Здоровый образ жизни". Пожалуйста,пишите простыми словами,мне его потом



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Проверенные ответы содержат надёжную, заслуживающую доверия информацию, оценённую командой экспертов. На "Знаниях" вы найдёте миллионы ответов, правильность которых подтвердили активные участники сообщества, но Проверенные ответы - это лучшие из лучших.

The most precious on earth - that's life. And every person chooses his path in life. Keys to happiness in his hands. And on what life is people, it depends on the existence of the most beautiful planet Earth. First of all, he must think about their health. No wonder the popular wisdom says: "Health can not be bought at any price." Sometimes late in reach of people, these simple truths. Should a man give up bad habits, temptations, his life will go on their particular path. Suppose that in this life will be hard tests, obstacles, he overcomes everything. Healthy lifestyle harden it. What constitutes a healthy lifestyle? This, I think, first of all, avoiding alcohol, drugs and smoking. It is they adversely affect our health. Healthy people contemplate what is happening around him happy eyes, whether it is a fire of dawn, the waves lapping on the river, silvery moon, the rustle of the dewy grass, vast blue skies. Admiration is unlimited. Each passing day a man thinks of happiness granted him by God. After all life on earth is eternal, but for a man just released her moment. In this future world, this moment is life. No matter how many years it is measured. Due to the common sense man fills, as a vessel, the life of a unique perception of the existence. He wants to learn, to explore the world, travel, work, love, and much more before it opens the door. This is a healthy way of life when the soul knows no rest, when the stars shine at different latitudes in his path. Another life for people who get used to the drug. Narrow the scope of their desire: the dose to dose, up to breaking of the mirage. A black hole is ready to absorb them into your mouth, not allowing the possibility to enjoy all the earthly colors. These people have no future, no dreams. Although this drug, I have not seen my own eyes, but their short painful life I know from the media. Another thing - alcohol. He swept our society. But most of all children suffer because their parents drinking. In the scales delivered a healthy way of life and death. It is better when the kids are laughing loudly, rejoicing in the sun ... A healthy lifestyle - this sport. We are proud to look at athletes whose names glorify my country. Healthy, beautiful, strong, courageous, they are on the podium, they are open all the way. It is not necessary to be an athlete, be glory and awards. The only important thing in sports, improve their health, think about the future of the nation. And for that we have opportunities in the country. Start with the physical education lessons at school, engaged in sportsektsiyah, enjoys football, basketball, swim in the pool and river. Then, no alcohol, no cigarettes will not be able to come into your life. On the cigarettes in my dissenting opinion, many people tell us about the dangers of smoking, but we are teenagers now do not think about the treacherous life companion, slowly destroying our health. It is no secret: I have tried smoking. Nothing in it is not pleasant. I remembered his grandfather, who procuras nearly fifty years. Only illness forced him to give up cigarettes. Now he is very glad to be rid of the habit of smoking. In particular, I am a smoker girls. With the belief that the flavored cigarettes are pleasant ladies, I do not agree. It's better in the hands of the girls will be charming roses! How many amazing people live on a huge planet! In many ways manifested their multi-faceted talent, regardless of race, age, religion. Some compose music, others write poetry, have conquered the art of singing, dancing, and others stormed the heavens. Is it possible to list them all! This is their healthy lifestyle gives them the right to be wonderful people. They have time for their lives to build a house, plant a tree, raise a child. It is they leave a mark on the earth, born from their love of all that is beautiful on earth. When you want to write about the Man (I write with a capital letter, because I mean this full citizen of a country). Dip the pen in the rainbow, and shake the dust off a butterfly's wings. This man deserves the highest praise. Future generations after him! I - for a healthy lifestyle!

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