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НУЖНО СРОЧНО!!!! или завтра на уроке меня будет ждать расстрел! Помогите пожалуйста!! ^^ Для тех у кого пятерка по английскому, не

составит труда придумать рассказ из 12-15 предложений на тему "Как я провела свои весенние каникулы". Будь няшкой, помоги кавайчику. Буду очень благодарна :)


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My spring holidays.

A week ago we had our spring holidays. I study very well so my teachers didn't give me homework. As I didn't have anything special to do I decided to have a real rest - to sleep a lot and to do nothing. The first day finished. Bur it was too difficult to do nothing. And I decided to spend my holidays with my friend.

Next day I phoned to my friend Alina and invited her to go to the park. The weather was so fine! The sun was shining brightly, there wasn't any cloud in the sky. And we returned home only in the evening.

Next days we also went to different places, such as cinema, theatre and others. Besides, I helped my Mum about the house and I had read some books.

My holidays were very amazing. And it seemed to me they were too short!


I always look forward to my spring holidays, because I don't have to go to school, study a lot. It means that I can sleep much and have a wonderful rest. Every year I visit my grandparents on my spring holiday. They live in the countryside. They have got a house and garden.I like to spend my time there. My friends and I often go to a boat. After the rain we like to gather mushrooms in the forest. It is a really pleasure to sit on the bank of the river early in the morning and it complete silence listen to the songs of birds and watch the sunrise. The air in the forest is cool and fresh. It is hard to describe nature by mere words but it is worth seeing. When I return home I always happy and full of emotions.

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