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Read some part of the letter from Tom, your pen-friend.

Write a letter to him. In your letter

• tell him

about the new place where you are moving

• ask him three questions about his friends and their pastimes /

Вот это письмо, которое он написал, нужно ответить.

I Just got your letter. When are you moving to Pavlovsk? Do you know your new address yet? I hope you will like your new school and make friends with a lot of pupils. I have joined our drama society. We are working on the play "A Visit to Paradisel" and hope to stage it in March. Буду премного благодарен!


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Dear Tom,

I was very pleased to see the letter from you.I`m going to Pavlovsk in a week and I`m looking forward to the moment, when I`ll be able to go there.Unfortunatly, I don`t know the address but I know that I`ll have the flat in the centre of the city.I hope that I will have a lot of friends when I come there.

I am very glad that you have joined drama society.Would your friends lire to visit drama society with you?What do they do in their pastimes?How many friens do you have?

I`m looking forward to your next letter!

Best wishes

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