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The Internet forms global information space, forms a physical basis for the World wide web. The Internet "took root" long ago and now everything "sprouts" in our daily reality more strongly. And if we in our severe conditions, unfortunately, often only hear about these or those possibilities of the Internet or only we start them to master, in the West already them use. In many countries for a long time use the Internet for the following purposes:

– as source of reference information (news, weather forecasts, exchange rates, schedule of trains and other transport, repertoires of theaters, programs of telecasts and so forth);

– that easily and quickly to send mail to the North Pole (if is to whom there to write) and even to receive the answer (if is to whom to answer);

– to download the necessary programs, books, music, films and other electronic documents;

– by search of friends in all corners of the globe;

– for carrying out the joint scientific researches, allowing to unite computers in different corners of the world for the solution of a global problem.

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