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Use the necessary form of the verb The mechanic (work) on that farm two years ago. I never (be) to Volgograd. I think, i go there next year. What(do)

you here? I (wait) for Vich. We(go) to the libriary together. Last week you (miss) four lessons, Mike. We(learn) many different subjects at school. Next year they(buy)two lorries for the farm. Mary(buy) a new dress. I(like) it wery much. I always (get up) at seven. But yesterday i (get up) at nine , because it was Sunday and i could stay in bed a little longer. Where (work) this man? He (work) at thу post office. When I ( come) from school, i shall help you,Mother.


Ответы и объяснения


worked/was never/ are you doing here/ I'm waiting/ We will going/you have missed/learned /are going to buy/ has bought/ like/wake up/have woken up/works/works/will come


The mechanic worked

I was never

what are you doing here&

I am waiting

We will going

you have missed

we learned

Next year they are going to buy

 has bought

I like

wake up

have woken up


he works

when will come

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