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Напишите плиз краткое сочинение на тему "Я и моя мама"(около 10 пр.)

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my very best friend is my mother. Only she can tell me any secrets, trust the most coveted secret. She never fails to help and he will always give advice that is really necessary.
My mother always says that people should be present between the trust. She teaches me good, to help all those who may need my help. Her words have always supported the actions of - my mother never did anything wrong to anybody. Her hands always radiate warmth and smell of vanilla. Sometimes, when it is depressed, so nice to bury my mother's shoulder and just shut up. She never asks too many questions, and wait, when I myself ask her about anything. My mother never tries to impose his opinion, she respects me as a person and always tries to maintain throughout. If I am wrong sometimes, my mother never scolds me and gently points out mistakes and tells you how you can fix them.

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