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Пожалуйста,помогите!Сочинение на тему:Моя любимая время года-лето(по английскому



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There are four seasons in the year. There are winter, spring, summer and autumn. My favorite season is summer. In summer nature surrounds us with all kinds of flowers: merry dandelions, beautiful roses, shy daisies.

Sometimes the weather becomes very hot in summer and the air gets stuffy. Then a thunderstorm usually brings relief. The sky is suddenly covered with dark clouds and distant rolls of thunder are heard. Later bright flashes of lightning are followed by claps of thunder and it begins to rain. After the thunderstorm the air is remarkably fresh, and very often we can see a beautiful bridge across the sky which is called a rainbow.

Children love summer very much because in summer they have long holidays. They don`t have to go to school and that`s why they have much free time. They can play with their friends in the yard, read or watch TV. And of course I like Summer very much because there is the longest holiday in summer.  So, summer is the best time of the year.

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