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My mother the most best. After all each person knows that there is no on all earth more natively a person than your mother. Since the birth we are surrounded with her care and love. We share with it the fears and experiences, after all she always understands us and will help to make the correct decision.
I want to tell about the mother, about closest and native me the person.
Mother is the first word which I said. All events round me were connected with its presence. Subsequently, having a little matured, I, probably, not so often thought of it, as in the early childhood.
What my mother? It is possible to find million words, the most gentle and tender, but they hardly can express all my feelings to it. It such kind and fair, tender and serious, courageous and gentle, strong and sensitive.
Mother - the doctor by profession. She is respected by her colleagues. My mother most the best, I very strongly love it.


The ideal for me has always been my mom. She is very kind, beautiful, affectionate and considerate. That is, once I got to her feet, taught to see, think, understand, do not break, do not trample on, not to spoil. instructed:
   - Do not be greedy, take, how much you eat, while others will come after you, leave them. She learned to stop blood from a scratch piece of plantain. Throughout the mother can see the beauty: in the winter blizzards, and flowering gardens. When we are hard, find the right words, from which you want to be happy and do not hang up his nose in unpleasant situations.
Every mother is admirable, because that's what she wants to raise her child for the world and work. My mother puts her child in his heart and soul, strength, heart, love, trying to raise a smart, kind and positive in every person.
   Our mothers .... How many cares, they pour out on us, how much attention! And we is sometimes wicked, cruel, indifferent to their pain and suffering, above all, putting their personal interests.
   I wish that all the children belonged to their mothers with great respect and love.

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