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1. The windows, which looked out on the bridge, were open.

2. The secretary sent letters, which were signed by director.

3. I appreciate the doctor, who saved the life of my child.

4.  His unexpected answer suprised me.

5.  The road, which is repaired now, will be wider after maintenance.

6.  There are a few broken chairs in this room.

7.  He brought me some illustrated magazines.

8. We read the article, which was sent by Ivanov, attentively.

9. Tales, which were published in this story, were very interesting.

10. The workers, who unloadtd cargo from a ship, will be free in hour.

11.  Dictionaries, which were taken by students, must be returned not late than six oclock.

12. Person, who was siting by the window, looked at the children, who played in the garden.

13.  I hope that you will not repeat the mistakes, which were made in last dictation.

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