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13. The scientist, who wrote this article, is making report in our university.

14. I asked the young man, who was reading, what the time was.

15.  The picture, which hung in the hall, attrected my attention.

16.  The books, which lied on the table, belonged to my brother.

17. This telegram came with another mail, which has been delivered this morning.

18.  Students, who finished to translate sentences, may leave the auditorium.

19. I have never heared about the actress, who played the leading part in this film.

20. The car, which was fallowing us, was grey.

21. The agreement, which was made between these countries, is very important.

22. The trees, which grow in front jf our house, were planted by our grandfather.

23.  The questions, which were discussed on the last meeting, were very interesting.


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