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1. He showed me the list of goods, which were exported by this firm.

2. There are a lot of figures in his article, which show the development  of our industry.

3. I am not looking through all magazines, which were sent us from London.

4.  I have already checked the essayes, which were written by students of my group.

5. There is the list of students, who learn English.

6.  All students, who take part in this work, should come today at 6 p.m.

7. I read the article, which was translated by my sister from russian to english.

8. He put the baby, who was sleeping, on the sofa.

9.  We came up to the person, who stayed at the corner, and asked how we could go to the railway station.

10.  People, who were waiting for the director, were sattihg very long.

11. People, who were waiting for you, have already gone away.

12. The Conference, which was holding in our university, was devoted to the problems of up-to-date science and education.

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