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Put the verbs in right forms and translate the text.


The Corinthia Aquincum Hotel (to locate) on the Buda side of the Danube river, right at the Arpad Bridge, opposite to the beautiful Margaret Island. The inviting hills and forests of Buda (to be) just a few minutes away. As the Roman legions (to build) their first camp in the region right here and later the civil town of Aquincum (to be) established next to it, one can (to find) many remains from that period in the district. The nearby amphitheatrum once (to serve) as a circus and the ruins of the one-time city can (to find) in the Aquincum Museum, at just a small distance from the hotel. Also downtown Budapest and the Danube Bend (to be) within easy reach of the hotel.

The hotel (to open) in 1991 as the Thermal Hotel Aquincum, as a tribute to the ancient city and its baths. The spa of the hotel (to receive) its healing water from a natural thermal spring on the nearby Margaret Island. A considerable part of the hotel's medical treatments, described as „balneotherapeutic treatments" (to base) on thermal water. In 2002 the medical section of the hotel (to transform) into a well-equipped, unique wellness center offering more than 50 health and wellness therapies.

The hotel (to have) 310 spacious, modern rooms with bathroom, minibar, direct dial telephone, radio, colour TV with satellite channels and easy, high-speed Internet access. (Most of them with view on the river Danube and Margaret Island).Guests can (to benefit) from 24-hour room service and all the other amenities of a 5 star hotel. A business centre, laundry service, beauty salon, boutiques and secured underground parking (to complete) the hotel's facilities.


Ответы и объяснения

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is located






can be found


was opened


is based

was transformed




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