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A There is a mistake in each line of this text. Find it and correct it as in the example.

(10 points)


I’m not sure why, but I have never liked reading

_____________________I never liked______________

1 when I was younger. I always found more nice


2 things to do. I spent too many of my free time


3 drawing or playing with dolls. Reading the books


4 was the worst activity for me. I often didn’t make


5 my homework if the teacher asks us to read a book.


6 My mother thought I just needed any help and


7 more patience, but she’s been wrong. Fortunately,


8 I was good at a history and even better at


9 maths. I hope my son is going to like reading.


10 But if he will not, I will not worry about it.


B Put the verbs in brackets in the right form.

(6 points)

0 My grandmother ____gave_______ (give) me this ring ten years ago.

1 They are very angry because they _______________ (lose) three games.

2 I’m afraid she can’t come to the phone now. She _______________ (take) a shower.

3 English _______________ (speak) all over the world.

4 There are no clouds in the sky; it _______________ (not rain).

5 Susan Vega _______________ (give) a lot of flowers after her concert in Paris.

6 I’m sure they would offer me a job if I _______________ (know) two foreign languages.

Буду очень, очень благодарна!!!


Ответы и объяснения

  • Jyja
  • середнячок

1. more nice - nicer

2.too many - too much

3. reading the books - reading books

4. make - do

5. asked - asks

6. any - some

7. she's been - she was

8.a history - history

9. is going - will

10. will not - does not


B. 1. have lost

2. is taking

3. is spoken

4. it is going to rain

5. was given

6. knew

  • Мозг
  • Помощник
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