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Movie star Shane West 0 was injured in a helicopter crush early yesterday morning. The accident happened near Seattle where West was

filming a special effects scene for his new movie «so long ,pilot.» The helicopter was flying low when it suddenly crashed to the ground. Luckily West and the pilot (throw) out before the helicopter started to burn. They (rush) to a hospital in Seattle. It (expect) that the star will have to stay in the hospital for a few weeks. Experts are trying to find the cause of the crash. It was dark at the time, and the helicopter was flying «blind» with the help of its avionics. It seems possible that the accident (cause) by a fault in the computer-controlled equipment. Some of the experts think that it is possible that the helicopter (program) wrongly and nothing (can do) .Paul Christiansen, one of the experts, thinks that the pilot (give) the wrong flying instructions from the early and (oblige) to obey them or maybe the engine (not check) . In hospital Mr West (make) to tell the reporters everything he remembered about the crash. слова в скобках нужно поставить в правильную форму Passive Voice


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were thrown, were rushed, is expected, was caused, was programmed, could be done, was given, was obliged, wasn't checked, was made

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