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The ideal man differs kindness and understanding that means its aspiration to meet half-way desires of the companion and children even to the detriment of own interests, and also voluntary to direct to them efforts and resources.

It is clever, creative and easily adapts. These are the lines having obvious adaptive value in the intense and changeable world of human society.

It has good health and the general physical data.

It possesses good bilateral symmetry, but it isn't ideal, as is for some reason broken under the influence of androgens. Development of androgens (for example, testosterone) during pre-natal development causes small distortions in symmetry development. At the same time, in view of adaptive function of testosterone at men, women can estimate such effects, as signs of bigger beauty, rather than ideal symmetry. It are pleasant to women in men and such characteristics connected with androgens, as a big bottom jaw, massive eyebrows, big shoulders and the developed muscles of the top half of a trunk.

The ideal man has signs of that it is provided with resources or is capable to earn them. Therefore, it is hardworking, well educated and ambitious. It is possible to refer to resources also glory and the power, therefore, the ideal man occupies high situation in society. The ideal man for some years is more senior than the alleged companion that, probably, is indirectly connected with the status and with ability to earn.

At last, the ideal man shows attachment and stability. He wants to devote itself(himself), the forces and means to the wife and the children. He is a faithful husband and the gentle father to the children.

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