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1)what do you know abot Olimpic Games?

2) Why are the Games called the Olimpics?
3) what does the Olympic flag symbolize?
4 What do you know about the Olympic flame?
5) do you agree with the words of Pierre de Coubertin,"the Most important thing in the olympic games is not to win but to take part ,just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle
6) read the Olympic motto. It is in Latin.What does it mean?
7) what are the Olympic awards?
8) what mascots of Olympic Games do you know?
9) what happens at the opening and closing ceremonies?
10)what sports are there in the Olympic Games programme? ОТВЕТЬТЕ НА ВОПРОСЫ ,переводить не нужно ,ответьте по англ!!!


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1)I know that the Olympic games is the biggest international complex sport competitions, which are held every four years

2)The Olympic games of Ancient Greece предстовляли a religious and sports festival, held in Olympia. Information about the origin of the game is lost, but there are several legends describing this event. The first documented celebration refers to 776 B.C. they were established Hercules, although it is known that the games were held before. At the time of the games announced the sacred truce (έκεχειρία), at that time it was impossible to wage a war, although it has been repeatedly violated.
The Olympic games significantly lost its importance with the arrival of the Romans. After Christianity became the official religion, the game began to be considered as a manifestation of paganism and in 394 A.D. they were banned by Emperor Theodosius I.

3)Five rings of the Olympic flag, a symbol of the five inhabited continents of the globe. And it means, that in the games can participate athletes of all countries.

In 1913, the international Committee adopted the emblem of the Olympic games in the form of connection of the five coloured rings. And even earlier, in 1894, was approved by the Olympic Charter - the Charter of the games, according to which they may participate sportsmen all over the world irrespective of colour, class or social status. 

Blue ring emblem symbolises Europe, the black - Africa, yellow - Asia, red - America and green - Australia and Oceania.

Over five continents shone the sun - the sun of friendship and peace. Again, as in Ancient Greece, a ray of sunlight lights the fire that burns within

4)one of the symbols of the Olympic games. It lit in the city of holding the Games in the time of their opening, and it is lit continuously until their completion.

5)I agree with the words of Pierre de courbetin, "the Most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, as well as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle

6)The Olympic motto consists of three Latin words: "Citius, Altius, Fortius!". Literally it means "faster, higher, stronger!"

7)The Olympic medal has a certain gradation:
gold medal - for the first place;
silver medal - for the second place;
bronze medal - for the third place.

8)Olympic mascot, a part of the Olympic symbols, since 1972, a mandatory attribute of the Olympic games. The character, who, according to "the Big Olympic encyclopedia"[1] advertising-commercial significance. Use the organizing country as an additional source of financing. Is the property of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic games. According to the magazine "GEO",[2] the mission of the Olympic mascot - "reflect the spirit of the country-the mistress of the games, to bring luck to the sportsmen and strain festive atmosphere". Most often the Olympic mascot is depicted in the form of an animal, the most popular in the country, the host of athletes, or in the form of animated imaginary beings.
On the basis of created by the designers of visual image is created a huge number of Souvenirs. Olympic mascot is also the symbol of the city, which hosts the Olympics, and the object to be collected, and a significant source of income (according to the press office of the International Olympic Committee during the Games prices for Souvenirs can go into the tens of times depending on the popularity of the competition from the audience).[3] Sometimes the Olympic mascots called "маскотами" (from English mascot is"the thing").

9)The opening ceremony of the XXIX Olympic games of modern times was held at the Beijing national stadium. It began on August 8, 2008 at 8 o'clock in the evening of 8 minutes and 8 seconds (as the number 8 is associated with prosperity and confidence in China[1][2]) in the Central Chinese time (UTC+8).
The organizers of the ceremony was Zhang Имоу and Zhang Jigang. At the ceremony were made by the British singer Sarah Brightman and Chinese singer Liu Huan. In the beginning of the opening ceremony were made by the 2008 musicians, playing on the Chinese national drums. In the program of the ceremony was involved roll rice paper size 20*11 m, thickness of 20 mm and a weight of 800 kg. The opening ceremony watched about 4 billion people around the world.
on August 12, 2008 the organizers of the games reported that some aspects of broadcasting of the opening ceremony were recorded in advance and had no place in reality, others were initially designed as a 3-dimensional computer models.[3]

10)Olympiad on programming Olympiad in Informatics) - the competition under the decision of various tasks on the COMPUTER, for solution of which it is necessary to invent and apply an algorithm and/or the program on one of the programming languages. As a rule the participants issued a set of several tasks. The task is solved, if the participants were able to create a program, which works correctly on the tests, prepared by the jury. Tests of the participants of the unknown.
The Olympics are personal and team. In team competitions usually participates 3 people and them on all the time of the Olympics is given 1 computer for the decision of tasks.
For the holding of such competitions are used for tournament system, such as Latitude[1] and the eJudge system[2].

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