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The world of fairy tales and magic - this is called Disneyland. Amusement Park, located in Anaheim, 60 miles from Los Angeles, one of the United States of America - California. It embodied the idea of the famous American artist - animator Walt Disney, in an area of 34 hectares recreate the atmosphere of cartoons and fairy tales. This is the first in the world of Disneyland, which opened in 1955, on July 17. Visit Disneyland - is an unforgettable and amazing adventure for both children and adults. Each year it is visited by millions of people leaving there with a lasting impression. Disneyland in the U.S. - a complex of attractions, theaters, parks, shops, souvenir shops and restaurants.
In addition to entertainment, Disneyland has a very developed infrastructure. A large number of high-class hotels, all built in his individual style, surrounded by parks, recreation areas and pedestrian walkways. Restaurants with traditional American cuisine, night clubs with entertainment shows. The park is open to visitors all year round, every pore of his Disneyland paints paints. Carnivals, festivals, parades, grand show their details you can explore in a free program that handed out at the entrance to the park.

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