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1.Which media is the most popular in your family?

2.Have you got a radio?

3.Have you got a television?

4.Is it colour or black and white television?

5.Who in your family watches television more than others?

6.How many tv channels do you have in your area?

7.Which tv broadcasting company is your favourite ?

8.What programmes does your local tv station broadcast ?

9.Have you got satellite tv in you area ?

10.Can you watch any American or British programmes in your area?

11.Do you video some Tv programmes and watch them later?


Ответы и объяснения


1. The most popular media in my family is the Internet, because it's the most convinient kind of source of information.

2 We have a radio, but we use it rare.

3. I think every family has television, we watch TV every day.

4. We have a colour TV, nowadays everyone can afford it. Colour TV is not a luxury now.

5. My mom watches TV every evening. I think she does it more than somebody else.

6. I don't know exactly how many channels are in my area, but I think there are a big amount of them

7. As for me, I prefer music channels.

8. My local TV station broadcasts different channels. For example, they are "the first" channel, "Russia - 2", "Russia culture" and so on.

9. Yes, we have satellite TV.

10. If you have satellite TV, you can watch channel all over the world.

11. It's convinient to video some TV programmes and then watch them. As for me, I prefer to watch programmes online. But my dad often videos football matches.


1.The most popular media  in  my family is TV, but as for me I prefer the Internet to get all kind of information and entertainment

2. Recently we had radio

3. Of course we have  got  a television and we can*t live without it even a day. To tell the truth we have a TVset in every room

4. Of course, It is  colour television.

5. My granny  watches television more than others in my family

6. We have more than 100  tv channels  in our area

7.  I like MTV, MUZ TV  most of all TV channels

8.Our local tv station broadcasts all  main Russian channels and our local TV studio with news programms and discussions with famous and popular people and politicians of our town

9. We have  got  satellite tv in our area such as TRICOLOR. RADUGA. NTV+

10. We can watch any American or British programmes in our area such as BBC, MTV, VH1

11. Sometimes when I can*t watch the programm on-line when I am out or it is too late at night I  video some Tv programmes and watch them later. It is great that we have this opportunity!

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