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1)Complete the text with the words from below

there are a lot of cinema-goers. visit to the cinema is

becoming very popular way to spend free time/modern cinemas are beautiful and comfortable rooms are equipped with large new screens, special sound absorption panels and nice places you can buy tickets right before the movie starts or the day before certain types of films are the movies if you want to have fun you can choose comedy or Western if you enjoy special effects and are interested in around the idea of a future you can see science fiction or adventure.Children like to watch cartoons and come to the movies with their parents.

2)Use the text and find the appropriate words to eht definitions.

1)People,who enjoy going to the cinema in their free time.______________

2)Something that many people like._______________________

3) A piece of paper that shows you have paid to do something____________

4)A film about the life of cowboys in the USA in the 19th century.__________

5)A film using drawing and not real people,animals?things.___________--


Ответы и объяснения

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1.  cinema-goers

2. visit to the cinema

3. ticket 4. Western 5. cartoons


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