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Помогите написать письмо про зиму с помощью этих вопросов: Снега много? Дождей много? Холодные дни? Покататься на коньках? Покататься на лыжах? Обычная

температура? Много солнца? Холодные ветры? Сделать беговые лыжи? Сделать снеговика? Заранее спасибо:)

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Dear Ben,

Thanks a lot for your letter. I was very glad to hear from you. You asked me some questions and I would like to answer them.

You know, winter in Russia is very severe. Nowadays it's snowing. The temperature is low and it's very cold. Some of people are skiing, because there is much snow. The sun is shining bright. My friends and I do a snowman every day. So, it's funny here!

I'm sorry, but I have to go. Write me back soon, please.

Best wishes,

( Ваше имя на англ. яз.)


Dear, Jane

Thanks for your letter. We have a real winter now. I think it is strange for you, because in your country you have never seen snow. As for Russia, It is much snow everywhere even in our town everything is covered with snow: houses. trees. roads. It*s great to ski and skate. We like to sledge and play snowballs. It is very funny! Sometimes we have to stay home because the weather is very cold and frosty. Last year we did not go to school 4 days as it was about 30 degrees below zero! Now it is about  10 below zero and sunny.It is a very good time to spend outdoors with my friends. We*ve made several snowmen and snowwomen today. They are vey nice and funny!   The days are shotr and it gets dark at 5 o*clock.I think you swim and sunbathe. Next week we*ll go to Thailand to have much sun and sea!

 Write me. please. I* ll be very glad to see you in Russia and show you our winter nature. I am sure you*ll like it!

With best wishes,

Your Ann

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