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  • kimu
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I had the most disastrous holiday recently! It was on the holiday of Thanksgiving. I was making the preparations before the guests came as I was supposed to. I set up the table, started to make the food, and of course put the turkey in the oven! The guests came early though, so I had to great them and chitchat a bit. Before I knew it though I smelled smoke that seemed to have been coming from the kithen. I came to check it out, and I was horrified! The turkey which I was baking turned completely black, and was completely burned! The worst part is, is that the turkey was a special present from my relative, who caught it all by himself. Everyone later on called me a klutz, and most didn't trust me to cook most of anything. That holiday sure was quite disasterous! I hope I won't have such a holiday ever again! 

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