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Let me introduce myself. My name is ..имя. My full name is (ф.и.о). 

My family is not very lange: ma father, my mother and me. My mother is name(имя мамы). She is 40. my mother is good-natural and cheerful. she teaches french at school. she is really devoted to her work. once i attended one of her classes. the children read and spoke french,wrote a little,sang and played games a lot. she is very fond of her work, and she often tells me about it.

my father is name(ИМЯ ОТЦА). he is a strong handsome man of middle age. my father is an architect,he works hard at his office. at home he helps my mother he also takes care of his elderly parents.

i am only child. i have on brothers and sisters. i am leaving school this year. i did a lot of subjects at school/ 

we live in a town not far from moscow. some of our relatives live close by. 


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