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Помогите пожалуйста написать эссе по английскому родители и я


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This is my family . Look at us  !I am ...... . My name is .... and my surname is ... . I am   13  years old .  I  want  to tell  you a few words  about  my  family . My family is not  large .  I have  got mother and  father . There are  3  of us  in the family .

First  of all  some  words  about my parents . My mother is a teacher . She works in a school .  She is a good - looking  woman. Ny father  is  programmer . My  father  often sings and  when  we are  at home and have  some free time  I play  guitar  and  sing  together . He also  handy with  many things.

 My parents  have been  married for 18 years . They  have  muth  in common , but  they have  different  views  on musik , books and films .

 My parents  are  hard - working  people . My mother  keeps  house and  takes  care  of  my  father and me . She is  very good at cooking . I`d like to learn  foreign language . I always  try to be in a good  mood .

   We have got a lot of relatives :)

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