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Once upon a time there was a robot who could do anything. He rebuilt broken houses, saved citizens in their time of need, and brought peace to the whole city in which he lived in. But one day he suddenly changed. Maybe it was a change in his wire, or something else, but he was never the same again since. The hero-like robot turned evil. He no longer helped anyone, but only caused misfortune wherever he went. And so the citizens of the city, who once loved and adored the robot, decided to attack and destory him, before he destroyed them. And so he was gone. Although the people were still angry at him, and claimed him to be a villian, he still was commened for his past good doings. 



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Movies about robots and human-surrogate avatars of flesh and blood make you think about what awaits humanity in the very near future, and whether robots replace humans in real life, in different conditions and situations. And until someone philosophizes on the subject, while others are engaged in active and very successful development of robotic avatars, completely controlled by man and mimic his movements. This is the product of Professor Susumu Tachi (Susumu Tachi) from the Japanese Keio University.
The robot is called Telesar V, and he was repeating all the movements and actions of the operator seems to help make a reality of Hollywood fantasies and sketches on the theme of robotic "surrogates" of the eponymous film.

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