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Помогите, пожалуйста! Нужно составить 8-10 предложений на тему "What is your solution to the problem of



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Try writing something in the stream of consciousness method, which basically means note down whatever you are thinking. Read it after a while. You will come up with many interesting things for sure. One of the interesting games to play when you are bored at home is squash. All you need is a ball and wall to hit it against. You can entertain yourself for hours in this fashion. Look through the Guinness Book of World Records; pick a record you would like to break and prepare yourself for the same. Try to not pick a record which involves self-mutilation or any other such harmful process. Let the inner technician in you come to the forefront. Disassemble the radio, cell phone or any other such device and then try to put it back together. Please be warned of the consequences you may have to face. Always wanted to be a superhero? Now is the time that you can think of everything that you would want to be in your super powered avatar. If you are good with needles and thread, maybe you can stitch yourself a costume as well.
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