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срочно надо. Пожалуйста)

8-10 предложений. на английском языке. На тему- What is your solution to the problem of



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I really love reading books.That's great opportunity to get away from your problems,to entartain yourself.Moreover,i consider reading as the way to expand my vocabulary.It makes more intellegent and interesting person.

Another way to solve this kind of problem is to spend some time with your friends.Just talking to them cheers me up.We can share everything we want,we can discuss any film and that makes me happy.


I think there are a lot of entertaiments  in our modern  world. As for me. I like to go to the cinema with my friends. Every month we try to see all new films for our age. We are lucky to have several cinemas in our city. We have no opportunity to go there on school days because we are busy. I like to play tennis and I have to go there 3 times a week. I have no time to feel the problem of boredom. Because I have good relatives. We can speak every evening. discuss our day events and spend much time together. It is always very interesting for us. Besides. I have good friends! I am a happy girl who doesn*t know such a word as "boredom"!

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