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my favourite  film star .Gerard Depardieu is one of the most popular filmaction .

    He was born in 1948 in a poor family of a shoe-marker in a little town.

   There are  many legends about his childhood.Somebody even says that he  was know to police as  a car  thief.But when he  was 16 he came to Paris without any money.Together with his friend he  began to attend the actor courses/He got acquainted with a girl of a wealthy family and soon they got married.

When he was  only 20.he played big roles in  the theatres.But the success of Gerard Depardieu in the USA was  not time long. in 1991 during his interview  to  the  magazine ^Time^ he  told that he was a hooligan when  he was  a teenager.The works of Depardieu in cinema are marked by  many cinema rewards in France and Italy.He played in about 80 films

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