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Помогите, пожалуйста) Нужно сочинение ЭССЕ по английскому на тему мировых проблем) Очееееееень нужно! Заранее



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In the world today there was a unique situation for the last few centuries: the modern science can not explain the realities of the current economic crisis, the features of its civilization and socio-political aspects. This is absolutely not satisfied with the society, in almost all countries, in this sense act "occupying Wall Street" in the U.S., in a sense, no different from our "standing in the Swamp": and then, and then - there is a peace offer from the society to the elite few to change the configuration of their relationship, so to speak, "to make room on Olympus," and to share resources. And just as we, the Western elite meets a categorical refusal.

The reasons there may be several. I think the main thing is that in the 60 - 80 years, under the "confrontation between the two systems," in the West, much weakened state and public control over its financial elite. By the reason, especially since the early 80s, when it became the main mechanism of emission of raising living standards, which eventually led to the death of the USSR and the Soviet project. However, the financial elite gained at the expense of the tremendous privilege, which today it is not going to leave.

Moreover, in the confrontation of two systems, the West has created a language for describing the world (not only economic but also social systems, government, history, and so on and so forth), which in principle does not provide for the possibility of destruction and the end of the current system . And this is why we can not now describe the problems of our world - what good it can be seen on the results of the last Davos.

Note that in our country, the language describing the world today there is no general. From the Marxist language (which, we note a complete analogue of the western and comprehensively describe the whole world, so to speak, from the date of its creation), we refused, and the West have also not very happy, because the current Russian elite and its management practices look at this language does not very nice. What, in fact, is one of the main reasons, and certainly the main reason that most of the external pressure, which is so irritating to our elites.

And here in this place there is an interesting collision. But what if we try to develop a new, common language description of the new world? If this is done, the main task of our elite since the early 60s, "merge in ecstasy" with the elite of the West, to put into practice the project "Convergence" will, in general, be solved. Yes, with a significant portion of our current elite, as, indeed, modern Western elites, in this new elite just do not go down. But those who will and will implement this project - will go for sure.

In this case there are other options. For example, we develop such a language, and they - no. Or vice versa. Or, we develop two different languages ... These options can be a lot to discuss, but, in general, today formed a unique case to implement these ideas. A separate question of whether to do it, but by itself this option is expensive, especially since both us and the West likes it or not, you still have to go through a painful period of "breaking" the elites. Just because the "sweet cakes again did not have enough for everyone!"

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