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Можете пожалуйста написать сочинение на тему An ideal friend?!Пожалуйста срочно



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An Ideal Friend

"A friend is someone you can be alone with and have nothing to do and not be able to think of anything to say and be comfortable in the silence" Sheryl Condie

Friends are very important in our life.

I can’t say who is an ideal friend really. But I think he must be honest and supportive. An ideal friend is a friend who always tries to understand you and keeps your secrets. A friend mustn’t be very brainy but friends must have similar interests. If you are in trouble an ideal friend will always help you. You can rely on him. He needn’t have money but it is important that he is fun to be with. Friends must be loyal and never betray each other.

You are happy if you have an Ideal Friend.

I have best friends: (имя друга) and (имя друга). I can’t say that they are ideal but I am not ideal too. We often talk our problems through and have a good laugh together.I can trust them and they trust me.

I am lucky to have such friends.

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