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Напишите пожалуйста сочинение на тему : What is useful books or internet?


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In this comlication I'd like to tell about books and the Internet. There are lots of opinions  

what is better and now I'll give some pros and cons about books and the Internet.

Firstly books, of course it's more pleasently to read books rather than from monitor, as for me it's more likely to feel a real paper in my hands. The sekond advanteger of reeding books is linked with the one before the result of research shows that our brain remember more information while reading books but the Internet. The last of course has it's advanteges and the main is that you have a great amount of information in your computer, and that is the firs disadvanteger of books, you need a lot of books to find something you need, next advanteger of the Internet is a search function, it helps to find the most usefull information, and it also next disadvanteger of books, you have to read the whole book to find information.

In conclusion I want to say that I don't mind what is better books or the Interned, after all who can forbid me to use both?


Internet is very convenient means of information.If you need that - you find, you can ask questions and quickly get an answer.You can take the book with you wherever you go, but a personal computer can hardly be read in the park or metro.The book does not damage your health.Computer spoil your  vision, posture and so on.To write a report, you just need to find it in the internet and download, the information you need from book,you will have to rewritе and it will take time. My point of viewInternet can be used to study, but reading books as a hobby. Because reading is so cool

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