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Dear Ulla
Thanks a lot for your Christmas card and letter. It was so nice to hear from you again. I'm glad everything's OK with you and your parents.
I'm sorry I didn't write to you sooner. Now that Karen and Chris have both left home, our house seems to be too big for us. So we're planning to move. We've found some places that are more or less what we want, but nothing's final yet. I'll tell you our new address as soon as we've made up our minds.
How are you doing at school? Your English is very good. It's become a lot better since the first letter you wrote to me two years ago. I'm sure you'll do well in your exams.
Have you made any plans for the summer yet? We'd like you to come to London and spend a week at our place. We'd be happy to see you and to show you some of the sights of London. Uncle Joe would be especially glad - he's never seen any of these Estonian relatives of mine. There're so many questions we'd like to ask you, so you would have a lot of practice in English.
I'll have to finish now. We hope you'll say yes to our invitation.

We look forward to you letter.

Say hello to everyone at home from Uncle Joe and me.
Take care!

Lots of love
Aunt Annette


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Hello, my dear aunt! I am happy to reading your email! At school i have some problems with my grades on math. But i think they will be better! And of course, I have good news to you! My biology teacher says, that I am the best student of all that he had. It is fantastic, i am shocked!

  Plans for the summer! I am going to come to you. I would be happy to see you and Joe. I think it will be the best week in the this summer. Can we go to ride on the red bus and visit the Buckingham Palace? I heard it is very beautiful place.

 With love Ulla. 

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