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надо ответить на вопросы своими словами ( на английском)

1. How do you get the news?

2. Do you

prefer to get the news from the radio, television or newspapers? Why?

3. What’s The News this Week? Which news stories do you remember?

4. Are you more interested in what is happening in your country or in other countries? Why?

5. Can you name three most important problems that affect the world today? Are they discussed in mass media? Which of them concern you personally?

6. Do you watch television most days of the week? What is your favourite programme?

7. Do you sometimes read or look through magazines and newspapers written in English? If you do, where can you get them?


Ответы и объяснения


1)I get the news from newspapers,the radio,the TV,the Internet.

2)I prefer to get the news from the television.It's interesting and exciting, because it's visual. There are lots of different news programmes to suit all types of people.

3)At this week the weather would not be so good. Will be slushy,cloudy.

4)I am more interested in what is happening in my country because I am living here,this is my homeland.

5)Global,ecological,environmental problems are affected the world today.

They discussed in mass media. I think that environmental problems concern me personally.

6)I think that yes. My favourite programme is about animals and nature.

7)No,I don*t.

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