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Taken when the clock begins to chime midnight, open the back door of the house and let the Old year, and the last stroke let the New year in at the front door.
If after the twelfth stroke of the house will go a young man with dark hair (the first guest), the coming year will be successful. The first guest must bring bread, coal and a pinch of salt. After he shall burn coal in the fireplace, all congratulate each other and the guest who brings good luck, be sure to feed them.[3]
Lovers in the battle of Big Ben kiss under the mistletoe - it is considered that this would provide them a strong relationship in the new year. Kiss to those who are under the mistletoe in the center of the room, in the belief that gives you good luck and happiness in the coming year.[3]
On the street the Royal mile in Edinburgh made to set fire to a barrel of tar and "get rid of" the most from all the old, including the past year

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