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- Hello hghgh!

- Hi,Peter!

-Listen,i was just thinking about our environment.We have many different problems:global warming,increasing of radiation and pollution from factories,cars etc.

-Yes,you are right!If we want to have safe future,we should find sollutions to these problems.So,what do you think we should do?

-You know,in my opinion,we can start from reducing pollution of air and water.Its sonds easy,but its really hard to do.All people shouldn't throw rubbish in water or on the ground for example.

-I totally agre with you.Also humanity could reduce greenhouse effect,if we begin to use  safe bio-fuel!

-You are right!Maybe we should tell this to our classmates and they might help us?

-It will be wonderfull!

-Let's go!

-Yes,let's go!


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