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One of these days I read to the daughter (4 years) a fairy tale for the night... Pushkin. "A fairy tale on the Priest and the worker of its Balde". The name already speaks for itself. We will begin that it is necessary to explain half of words to the child on "a play" course. Of what it was a question itself I cease to understand. I damn myself that in general what for has seized this book. Even during this moment I yet up to the end realize, to what it will finish me! To recede late... On last last breath I read up. The fairy tale comes to an end with such words:
- From the first click, bottoms has jumped up to a ceiling, - from the second click, the priest has lost the tongue...
After this line the child, it is shy so, speaks:
- Mum...
Further the mute pause, the child looks at me in obvious confusion then asks:
- Mum, and as it... The PRIEST of LANGUAGE HAS lost?
All! A curtain!

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