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My favourite film

I like to go to the cinema very much and I like to watch different films. My favourite genres are comedies and melodramas, but also I like fantasy.

I like different kinds of films, because each of them is very interesting and impresses me.

I like comedies because they make me laugh. Some of them are "Dad is 17 Again" , "Just Go with It", "Hitch". They are family films.

Melodramas are sad films. Such films excite people. I usually cry when I watch melodramas. Some of them are "A Walk to Remember", «If only", "Remember Me".

But my favorite film is "Harry Potter. I like all parts of this film. I think that it is the best one and all children and adults love Harry.

There are many computer drawings and special effects in this film.

"Harry Potter" is a very interesting fantasy novel about magicians. But we can see friendship and love in it.

I can watch "Harry Potter" again and again. I watched each of eight films with great interest.

This film teaches us much, I advice all people to watch it.

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