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нужен проект по английскому языку на тему HISTORY FILE(что-то вроде истории одного из видов



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Volleyball (English volleyball from volley — «to strike a ball since summer» (also translate as "flying", "soaring") and ball — "ball") — a sport, command sports game.

In the course of game two commands compete on the special platform divided by a grid, aspiring to direct a ball on the party of the contender so that it has landed on a platform of the opponent (to finish to a floor), or the player of a protected command has committed an error.

Thus for the organization of attack it is authorized to players of one command no more than three contacts of a ball successively (in addition to a contact on the block).

The volleyball is not contact, combinational sport where each player has strict specialization on a platform.
The major qualities for players in volleyball are a spring ability for possibility highly to rise over a grid, reaction, coordination, physical strength for effective product of attacking blows.

There are the numerous variants of the volleyball which has branched off from a principal view:

    Beach volleyball (the Olympic kind since 1996),
    Park volleyball (it is confirmed by congress FIVB in November, 1998 in Tokyo).

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I would like to tell about figure skating.

Figure skating— the skating sport. The basic idea consists in movement of the sportsman or steams of sportsmen on the fads on ice with changes of a direction of sliding and performance of additional elements (rotation, jumps, combinations of steps, supports, etc.) under music.

Figure skating as a separate sport was generated in 60 19 century and in 1871 has been recognized on I Congress of skaters. The first competitions have taken place in Vienna in 1882 among men of figure skaters.

In 1908 and 1920 of competition on figure skating have passed on summer Olympic games. It is necessary to notice that figure skating the first of the winter sports, got to the Olympic program. Since 1924 figure skating is included invariably into the program of winter Olympic games.

In 1986 and on the present official international competitions on figure skating, such as and others pass the World championship, the European championship, the championship of Four continents under the aegis of the International union of skaters .

In figure skating allocate 5 disciplines: man's single driving, female single driving, pair figure skating, sports dances and group synchronous driving. Group synchronous driving isn't included yet in the program of official competitions, by the given kind of figure skating passes the separate World championship on synchronous skating.

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