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My favorite animal - a cat. From childhood I wanted to have a cat. And, Finally, my dream has come true - I came home a Siamese cat Mr Charlie. In Mr Charlie light brown muzzle, dark ears, paws and a long striped tail, a flexible elongated body, large round head, the snout bristling mustache, beard and bright blue eyes. Eye color changes when he is angry or threatening, the pupils then become red, then green. Cat ears are always alert, they catch slightest rustle. Mr Charlie - animal capricious. If he has a very good mood, he play, allows themselves to be stroked, authorizes another animal to eat from his bowl, but if he has a bad mood, he warns about this kind of meow, then it is better not to touch. Mr Charlie - a very clever cat. He learned his paws to open a refrigerator; cabinet doors. If the door is not closed to the castle, he will hang on handle up until the door opens. Mr Charlie likes to watch TV, to hunt for lizards, frogs and birds. And yet he's very good cat and loves his hosts. I really like our cat.

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