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Плюсы и минусы субкультур сочинение. 10-12 предложений.


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Many young people are heavily influenced by pop music and culture, which usually is in sharp contrast to the established "norm".


The positive side of it: this is an area where young people can express themselves as being something different, and find comfort and security in knowing that they are part of a large group or movement.


The negative side of it: they may change their attitudes and behavior from the messages in the lyrics of the music they hear.They may fall prey to drugs, sexual disease, or confrontations with the increasingly intolerant police.


In conclusion, I would like to say that I think there should be "space made available" for expression. When the "mainstream" of a culture come in conflict with any "pop culture", the potential for alienation is there. Part of growing up is to "question" the establishment, and it is a weakness of any "establishment" not to give a platform for this questioning. Society must have an alternative which seems more attractive or it has failed in its responsibility.



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