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сем привет! Помогите!

Мне нужно по английскому написать "Дом в будущем"

Какие дома будут в будущем, кто будет

делать все дела по дому, рассказать о каждых из комнат, как они будут выглядеть в будущем и т.д.

Я прошу вас! Помогите!


Ответы и объяснения


It is not obligatory to be the futurologist to make the objective forecast – mankind aspires to minimize the power expenses, and it concerns any question. Whether accordingly it is necessary to be surprised, if we soon turn on the computer by force of thought, and our house will remind more than the obedient robot.

Today the provided people prefer to live in «clever houses» where doors open "at the sight of" the owner, light is lit and dies away without intervention of the person, and humidity and air temperature depend on a physical condition of people being in the house. «The clever house» itself switches on and off the TV or the musical center, fills with a forage of a bowl of pets, cleans carpets.

To understand, in what houses there will live our great-grandsons, it is enough to get on excursion to the house to Bill Gates. It smart home (from English clever house) has managed to the owner in 55 million dollars, only the annual tax which Gates pays for the house, makes one million «зелененьких»! By right at present it is possible to consider the house of founder Microsoft most as "the clever house» in the world. We pay attention to a word combination "at present".

Gates's private residence eight-story, thus four floors are underground (they don't spoil a facade and that is more important, it is not necessary to pay for them the tax). Underground floors are "brain" of "the clever house». In four top floors smart home Gates the showroom, library, a dancing automatically changing the configuration almost from one thought of the owner, 12 rooms, 24 bathrooms, and also much all another settle down. In territory of a country house of Gates there is also an interactive fountain which at approach of the person strengthens a pressure of water and changes the color, pool in the open air in which water is flavored seasonally, the difficult automated system of care by the plants, replacing army of gardeners. For everyone most махонького a floret the program of watering, earth loosening etc.

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