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If I is rich?
I myself ask each time about it. The rich person at desire can move! But in the given context me ask, on what I would spend 100 gold ingots. The sum not small, and a choice in a heavenly treasury just the same.
Sometimes you look at some characters dressed in style from the same treasury and you think: «I Want as to look!». Perhaps, approximately on 40 gold ingots I would buy style. Thus, I can raise a little the status «скромняги».
My hazardous soul here too won't resist. I will buy in addition pair-three chests, suddenly will carry? Yes even if won't carry, therefrom as the necessary things for game drop out.
Here now I look for the tree of skills, apparently, something doesn't suffice, and that even search. I will spend 10 ingots for an amulet of dump of skills.
At my class of poorly vital energy. Elixirs Be required. The character would be very glad. And as to the pupil in a gift. All will be live and healthy.
For comfortable game will be necessary and обереги: dolls-defenders. And that monsters, continually happen as on meat run on my character, selecting at it experience.
Rice paper – too a good thing. That it was not boring, I to myself will look for the significant other or cheerful companions.
For cheerful and fervent conversation with friends, I would get smail-svinku.
Perhaps, it is everything, than I could paint and satisfy my soul, having bought in a heavenly treasury. Precisely to tell, I didn't consider all sum of my desires but if something remains, I leave to myself on so-called "rainy day", or, I will buy on these ingots gifts to favourite friends.
Nevertheless, desires change, and people remain. Money spoils people. Though, when there was such chance why not to try?


If I had one million, I would help parents with their material plans, my family would live in a prosperity. Still I would carry out the мечты:у me there would be big clothes, would buy to itself new phone, I would have a car, would go to Turkey, would jump from a parachute, would visit mountains and many other things. Interesting, dreams come true!


Если бы у меня был миллион, то я бы помогла родителям с их материальными планами, моя семья жила бы в достатке. Еще я бы осуществила свои мечты: у меня был бы большой гардероб, купила бы себе новый телефон, у меня была бы машина, поехала бы в Турцию, прыгнула бы с парашюта, побывала бы в горах и многое другое.


мало,зато правдоподобно что писала сама.)

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