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сочинения на тему:Меры по истреблению мусора

200-250 слов на английском языке по плану

вступление.Обозначения проблкмы


часть.Три предложения+результата



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Let's present for a minute a landscape of a big city: smoking pipes of the enterprises between many-storeyed grey houses. To me it is thought that many of us are familiar with such picture. And at the majority the understanding of is formed that environmental problems will be present in the presence of such landscapes.

How to understand, whether there is actually an ecological danger?

I suggest to walk and attentively to examine everything that us surrounds. Certainly, small river which badly smells and has on a surface petrol stains, it is possible to consider safely, even without the water analysis, polluted. At everyone, looking at a factory pipe, whence brings down a black smoke, there is a confidence that it is not necessary to breathe this poison. But all it on a surface, and the most unpleasant, what not it gives a full picture. That it was possible to affect though somehow the given situation, it is necessary to begin professional monitoring of ecology in the shortest terms.

Ecological monitoring - system of the supervision, which helping to estimate and predict all changes of environment. By means of it it is possible to define and supervise the anthropogenous reasons of the given changes. Monitoring is spent узкопрофильными by experts. Their work is currently very demanded, as it influences life of any of us.

In the future the ecological situation of many countries foretells to our world an unenviable fate if we do not cease to cause to ecology of the Earth a huge damage. Mankind, polluting environment, every year draws, as a magnet  destruction of all live. After all pollution, it is a waste dumped by us in environment and which in turn, undermine interaction of all ecosystems of a planet. These emissions harm to biosphere, a lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere.

Measures which will make cities pure.

First, to make constant gathering of garbage. For this purpose, what to lower an adverse effect of ranges of a waste and to protect the nature it is necessary to make gathering and destruction of a waste honesty. For the given purposes there are special containers for garbage and a waste. They are equipped by hermetic covers and are convenient for transportation. Moreover, separate gathering of garbage widely takes root. Processing of secondary raw materials - many times over will save not only natural resources, but also power inputs on industrial production.

Today recycling of garbage has got a special urgency. It is labour-consuming and difficult process of processing of a firm and household waste. For processing high professionalism of workers and the special equipment as in a waste contain harmful and dangerous to the person and ecology of substance is required. For example, a firm waste contains organic chemistry in the structure. In case of their usual burial place, this place can turn to a nursery of infections and bacteria, because of the big congestion of organic connections. It is possible to assert one that the given moment recycling of garbage is among the major problems.

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