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Напишите рассказ о парке развличений с атракционами на английском...плизззз...желательно а коком небудь изветном



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First in German fun park Legoland world-famous company Lego opened May 17, 2002 in the Bavarian town Hyuntsburha. The park is conveniently located very close to the motorway A8, connecting major cities Munich and Stuttgart. The area of the park is 140 hectares and is surrounded by picturesque forest. The park is aimed atparents with children from 2 to 13 years.
The park for children and adults waiting more than 40 rides, interactive games andshows. All LEGO Company offers in toys and baby products, is reflected in the newpark in Hyuntsburha, with the nayvyschomts technical level. From Legoland park just a half hour drive is world-famous castle Neuschwanstein.


In April the UK will open an amusement park Nickelodeon Land, dedicated to the heroes of the eponymous children's television channel. It will be one of the three parks Nickelodeon Land outside the U.S.. The other two can be found in Australia and Germany.
Nickelodeon Land is located in the park Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. It will offer 12 theme rides, Nickelodeon shop and restaurant. Among the entertainment - attraction "Battleship Sponge-Bob", "Avatar", inviting everyone to take a ride on a huge rotating disk and the roller coaster. In addition, visitors waiting for Dora's world tour - boat ride for fans of the Dora-Ranger and race up a mountain gorge with the heroes of the cartoon series "Rugrats."
Amusement Park Pleasure Beach annually receives more than 6 million people. The cost of the ticket, allowing unlimited number of attractions to visit: for children - 17 pounds (just over 20 euros) for adults - 22 pounds (26 euros), family ticket when you buy online would cost 86 pounds (102 euros).

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