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The ideal school? This can not be. This is not on the ground. But it could be and should be a school that strives for perfection. Yes, and this desire itself - like a dream.

One of our correspondents in America told me that he met the famous architect, who made an unusual request: to build a perfect Seattle school. He asked, "What are the requirements for such a school?" He replied: "I do not know. But it must be perfect. "

And the architect took the order.

Why do not we adopt the same order? Why our Russian children, although some of them, do not try to by heart what the ideal school?

We have no money on expensive architects and crazy construction, we have half the school has no running water. We are poor.

But the ideal has nothing to do with plumbing, swimming pool, expensive architect and a lot of money. In this and the beauty of our work, this is its peculiarity - it allows idealism. Moreover, it requires idealism!

Academician of Russian Academy of Education Vasily Davydov said:

- I have to meet with teachers and doctors. And you know what the difference between them? Among physicians there are cynics. Among the teachers - ever.

If you ask children what do you see the perfect school, they will likely start writing about swimming pools, spacious classrooms and wide hallways.

But the ideal school is not about that.

It first of all, an ideal relationship, beyond any architects, but it is subordinate to the director, who, perhaps, not such a brilliant education, resulting in a rundown Regional Pedagogical Institute (oh, excuse me - the university), but whose heart is capable of making peace, whose mind is not tuned to the program, and for children and for people whose soul is able to forgive, and whose conscience does not permit to deviate from the ideal.

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